How Sex, Politics, Money and Religion are Killing Planet Earth

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What’s the point?

Mubarak is gone.  Egyptians feel a sense of reverie.
But how long will it last until some new oppressor moves in to pick up the slack? 

"Democracy" is just another word in the modern world for, 
"Let our corporations rape your natural resources."

Cuba is an island that has been shunned, and by virtue of the shunning, remains an ecological paradise.  President Obama wants to end sanctions.  
Poor Cuba.

The Eagles said, “call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye.”

We allow the destruction for promises of paper dollars.
 We think this one forest, this one reef, this one wetland, what does it matter?

The one, plus one, plus one, adds up to a ruined Earth.
 Jesus was wrong.

The greedy inherit the Earth and the meek get pummeled.


  1. Dearest killingMother,

    You are a witness. I am only a witness. If there's something greater than that, someone please tell me.

  2. The Weiner case is a distraction
    from reporting on corporate actions:
    ...polluting and stealing,
    ...corrupting, unfeeling;
    progressives now need to gain traction.

  3. Democracy is just another word for corporate rapaciousness and freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

    Our brand of 'democracy' (not by the people and for the people but by the wealthy and for the wealthy...the conservative supreme court has even said that corporations are people with rights...but no responsibility for their actions...try to put a corporation in jail!) has led us to a freedom that we may not want to fight to keep. Global climate change is a myth, according to the right wingers, so drill baby drill.

    To maintain the lyrical theme, 'Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone. Paved paradise, put up a parking lot.'

    ps. Just for fun, I would argue with your comment, Jesus was wrong. I don't believe he kept a diary and the media of the day didn't have appropriate technology to capture his wisdom first hand. All comments/ideas attributed to him were written by mere mortals after his passing. However, I agree that the conservatives who seem to want to invoke the so-called teachings of Jesus, at least as they pertain to homosexual behavior, certainly don't cleave to his supposed thoughts on wealth, helping the poor or turning the other cheek. Not sure what Jesus said about hypocrisy...

  4. Thomas Friedman published this on June 7, but I just found it today:

    Only half of the link shows up as clickable in the preview. Cut and paste if necessary to get to it.

    This big picture angle should be a big part of every news item regarding a symptom of the problem in the world's major media.

    A New York Times Columnist wrote
    "The Earth Is Full" headline I quote,
    ...and asks "What [are] we thinking?"
    ...while prospects are shrinking,
    without change, survival's remote.

  5. Rhymer, Thank you very much for your witty ditties and also for the link. I am not a fan of Friedman, but it seems as if he has finally realized the impossible math associated with the perpetual growth economic models that he usually espouses. The Earth is definitely full, and I wonder if we will open our eyes and do something about it or whether, like the people of Easter Island, we will stand with our hands pleading to a non-existent Savior in heaven as we stupidly cut down the last tree.

  6. Anonymous, Jesus had much to say on the subject of hypocrisy, particularly when it came to religious hypocrisy. Ironically, His contemporary "followers" seem to have missed the message. See Matthew 6,7 and 15.

  7. Tsisageya, Here's to hoping we will be witnessing something worth watching soon:)

  8. This is not me being patronizing or anything. I was curious, myself, and thought I would share. I don't agree with all of it (politics?) but it gives a picture.

  9. Tsisageya, Here's to hoping we will be witnessing something worth watching soon:)

    Yes, it won't be long now---though I have no exact date. The definition of, "it won't be long now" is subject to interpretation, I suppose.


  10. Remember when Paul talked about different Glories. The Glory of the Sun, The Moon, The Stars, etc . . . The meek will inherit a very High Glory. Something much more beautiful than this Earth. Life on Earth is just a probationary state . . . there is much more to our Being beyond this life.

    I'd love to read your blog, as I have a feeling that politically we agree on many issues. I also have a hunch you would help educate me. But your blatant attacks on religion turn me off completely. I'm sad I won't be coming back to partake of your wisdom.

    Yes, mainstream America uses religion as a mask to behave cruelly. Hypocrites to the max. But none of that is Christ's fault. He's our Savior, and we will all earn our reward after this probationary period is over.

  11. Hi Liz, I respect your religious beliefs and I am sorry you won't be returning. It sounds as if you have a lot to contribute. If you do read some of my anti-religious posts, you will notice that I have nothing but respect for the teachings of Jesus. My problem, like yours, are the people who use his name to perpetuate crimes against Earth and other living things.

    Jesus is also not my savior, and I think the non-political portions of the Bible (basically the gospels minus John) support my view. Jesus himself said he was the "son of man," and that "the kingdom of heaven is within you."

    I am personally overjoyed with the magnificent blessing of life on our beautiful planet, and think a big part of our abuse of Earth has to do with people believing that this glorious paradise is just a "probationary state." I have no idea about anything beyond this life, but I am certainly going to be grateful for the here and now rather than worrying about that.

    I am sorry you won't be returning. I think we could learn a lot from each other, and I promise to always treat your opinions with respect, even if I disagree with them.

  12. Liz Szilagyi, I can promise you that, if you stay, you may become indignant, angry, offended.

    I, myself, am not above such things.

    But, killingMother is a friend, not a foe. I can't leave her.

    Please stay.

  13. ...and I promise to always treat your opinions with respect, even if I disagree with them.

    This is true. I presume that killingMother does not have a Bible beneath her right hand as she testifies to this. Yet, she speaks the truth. Fancy that.

  14. Left hand? Whatever.

    I can't even.

  15. Thank you for your support tsisageya, I know that my anti-religious rants must sometimes be on the verge of being offensive to you. I realized something today. I spend a lot of time apologizing for and/or toning down my agnostic opinions. My words do offend people, but on the other hand, I am never offended by people's religiosity. I think in this country we are indoctrinated to be respectful of other people's religious beliefs, but we are never taught to be equally respectful who do not have any religious beliefs. I promise not to be offended by your beliefs if you promise not to be offended by mine.

  16. killingMother, the only reason I even speak here is because of you.

    As I say, you are full of truth. If anyone wants to argue with that, I will fight.

  17. Oh, and, there was a time in which I was an atheist. A proud one.

    So, please don't put me into any kind of category. I really wouldn't like that.

  18. killingMother, I know. You're right. I do try, but only for you. KIDDING!

  19. P.S. You do actually bend over backwards, or rather, you do put yourself at the foot of the table for your readers, killingMother.

    Heck, I think that's one reason I love you.

  20. Liz, remember when Rage Against the Machine sang "Testify"? One may need to look up the lyrics.